There is only one thing in this world we love more than California. You guessed it: ‘Murica! The parades, the food, the FIREWORKS: America is really the best! The Fourth of July is our favorite holiday, and we are going to show you how to celebrate in style! So buckle up cowgirls and cowboys and let’s git ‘er done.


Whit gets to be the blank canvas, ’cause she doesn’t bite her nails.

Start with a blank canvas. Get that pretty pink Barbie nail polish off those dainty little fingers! Or was that just me?


Paint eight nails with the raddest red nail polish you can find. We used this gorgeous Sephora nail polish.


Wait for your nails to dry and use this hella tight nail art pen to start your embellishments. For a star, start by making a dot in the middle of your nail. Make sure the dot is a tad bit runny, so that you can use some of the polish from the center for your star points. Star points? That sounds like something you win in a video game. I think…


Personally, I think it’s easier to star with the top point of the star.


Use the pen (and a little more polish from it) to do the upside down V of the star. Then do the two horizontal lines one at a time.


Voila! That’s hella rad.


Then we used this Wet ‘n’ Wild nail polish in Moon Blue. Yes. We used Wet ‘n’ Wild. Yes you may judge. Yes I bought this a while ago when I was on more of a budget. And yes, it works perfectly.


LG had those sunglasses, too. But she sold them to some drunk guys at a 300% profit. What’s more American than scamming drunk dudes?

Wow. Whit may be beating you in America pride.


Then our friend K let us do hers. K is a true American.


Then for my nails. Don’t worry, the best embellishment is coming soon.


All the ladies! Here are 3 different ways to choose an accent nail with different embellishments. You and all your friends can be American without being too matchy-matchy.


B receiving his first pedicure. Or as my mom calls it: his first MANicure.

Got some boys around who think they love America, but don’t feel comfortable wearing nail polish to work? So do we! So we painted their toes. And yes, we did have to make threats, promises, and give up our first borns.


What gorgeous feet our boy B has. After this, he showed us his “monkey toe” tricks–meaning he can hold my hands with just his feet. Weird or cool? I think that’s up for debate.


The best part about painting toes is that the big toe is large enough for lots of stars. ALL THE STARS!!!


Real men paint their toes…or just give in when we beg.

Our friend D didn’t want to be left out, but Brazil was playing, so I gave him a special pedicure. We’re a mutli-cutli bunch!

And now you’re ready for your BBQ, trip to the beach, or in our case a crab feed! So go forth, salute that flag, and remember: ‘Murica!


Love, Whit and LG: Patriots fo’ life!