Basically, more fun than you’ve ever had at a grocery store.

It’s Friday! Congrats–you made it! You know what would have made your week so much better? SnapChat. What is SnapChat? It’s an app on your iPhone (or whatever smartphone you’re using) that allows you to send pictures to your friends that only last on their phones for up to 10 seconds (you determine how long the picture can last). You can add captions, draw on your pictures, or even take short videos that your friends can only see for a short amount of time. It will even tell you if your friends try to screenshot you (Big Sug is always screenshotting me–creeper!). Now, there are techy people who can find SnapChat pics in your phone despite the 10 second thing, and there will always be a way around all of that–so don’t be dirty (or if you don’t care, be dirty). However, for people like me–pics only last for up to 10 seconds.

It’s essentially the most personal form of electronic communication ever. For real. SnapChat lets you take ridiculous photos of yourself, draw all over them, and then caption them. That means that people are not only seeing the real you, they are seeing the you that you think is the real you. That’s deep. SnapChat is deep. It also lets you convey more than just words. How will someone know you’re joking over text? Take a SnapChat of you laughing. Totally fixes any misconstrued notions. Take, for example, my lobstah tail picture seen above. I sent that SnapChat to a lot of cool cats. What does it say about me? It says I love lobstah. It says I’m hilarious. It says that I definitely think my food is smiling at me. It’s deep.

Do yourself a favor: download SnapChat. It is the most fun you can have by yourself. Or, if you’re like me, you can send creeper shots of your friend who is sitting next to you to your friend who is sitting next to you. Whit knows that one all too well. So get on it now, and share with us your clever SnapChats (you can save your own). Do not send dirty pics. I will post them on the internet and I will make sure they come up when people google you. You’ll know I took a screenshot  ’cause SnapChat will tell you.